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I have always believed that the greatest gift to receive and give people is the gift of a quality education.  The importance of education in our world today cannot be overemphasized. I know that education has changed my life. I hope to be a part of helping change the lives of others. 

The assurance of a quality education is not something that is a given in most of our Ghan

aian schools especially in underserved communities and schools in Ghana. This was why I did not hesitate to apply to be a part of the Lead For Ghana (LFG) fellowship.  I deeply believe in their  vision for all Ghanaian children to have access to quality education by 2050. LFG seeks to bridge the gap and promote educational equity among children in underserved schools in Ghana. I want to be a part of this success story through teaching in a rural setting for 2 years with capstone projects that will impact the lives of my students and community. I’m also excited about LFG being a leadership development organisation. I stand the chance to harness my leadership potentials and abilities for my personal development and impact in the coming years. It’s exciting to know that I’m also a part of a larger global network, Teach for All, which is made up of people with the same ideology.


Through the mandatory LFGs Training Institute, I’ve been exposed to a different classroom culture and routines that I haven’t experienced during my years of school. My very first class was on ‘The Danger of a Single Story’, how single stories have been used to project a single picture about a place, culture and people which makes people biased. 

I’ve also learnt how to scaffold in the classroom which is the support a teacher gives his students in their learning journey. Hundred percent compliance, a teacher’s strong voice, positive framing, creativity in the classroom and logical consequences are among the many topics treated during our five weeks of training institute. 


I’m looking forward to an amazing 2 years full of challenges but then accom


plishments, impact and networking. I’m excited about giving my students a different mindset and opening them to a world of possibilities through a positive classroom culture. I’m also excited about my personal growth, the new skills I will acquire through problem solving, working with stakeholders, resilience and creativity.

I’m ready for a new journey, a new adventure and a new story to be written in the next 2 years.


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