Changemaker Program- May 1 , 2021

Summary of Program

We were all excited to hear from William in the introductory video, taking us through how individual well-being and good health can be managed.  The students believe it is an inspiration to hear from the GEC alumni. The students got the basis right from William’s video before our Guest Speaker Debora gave a more detailed presentation on Good Health and Well Being. During the session Emmaunel noted, “I think everything we do here with GEC is preparing us to become responsible, good citizens and leaders in the future. I am excited to be a GEC scholar and hope to work hard to obtain good grades in my upcoming exams. Going to college is my goal.”

Session 1 Summary- Good Health and Well Being

Speaker: Ms. Deborah Serwaa Frimpong

Speaker Bio: Bio-Debora Serwaa Frimpong. A 27 year old born on 20th of February, Sunday. I come from Kete Karachi in the north Volta now Oti region. I had my education in Ashanti region Supreme savior international school(primary and JHS), Afia Kobi amped Girls senior High school (SHS), Presbyterian nursing and Midwifery school (college) and a diploma in Midwifery at KNUST. I’m a Christian, Presbyterian to be precise . I’m currently working as a midwife at Airport women’s hospital.  Something I live by: Not reaching back to what was lost in my yesterday’s and not reaching to what I hope will be in my tomorrow. But living fully with what is right in front of me and truly seeing the gift of the moment.

Deborah started by posing a question to our scholars- “What do you understand by Good health and individual well-being?” The students had several explanations.  Linda’s definition  was most accurate- she explained Good health and well-being as a state where an individual is physically, mentally and emotionally sound or well.

When asked how to promite Good Health and Wellbeing the students responded:

  1.   Eating a balance
  2.  Visit the hospital for regular check up
  3. Abstaining from sex
  4.  Zero tolerance to smoking
  5. Avoid alcoholic beverages
  6.  Making good friends
  7. Practicing  Personal hygiene

Speakers comment:  I am happy you know all these. She further went ahead to tell the students where they could  visit for free and affordable health care.

  1. Public community clinics
  2. District hospitals
  3. Regional hospitals
  4. Public University hospitals

In her conclusion, the speaker highlighted, it is important for the students to always seek counseling all the time. “You should not hesitate to approach people, when you think you need some counselling”.

Where students can go for counselling

  1. Parents
  2. Teachers
  3. Doctors
  4.  School counselors

Session 1 Summary- Setting Goals and Creating Vision Boards

The students picked up from where they left off from our last meeting. We planned to have individual vision boards but ended up doing them groups of three because the student brought friends to the session. Individually the students have their goals set for the year.

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