Change-Maker Program – March 2021

We were excited to relaunch our change-maker programming with Covid-19 precautions. We were also excited to announce the 2021 focus for the changemaker programming to surround the The Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063.   Our students were able to focus on the history of the UN and Sustainable Development Goals and well as the history of the AU and Agenda 2063.

The focuses for our March event were the sustainable development goal of quality education and academic goal setting.  The students were able to watch a video from London Moore, one of our co-founders, on the importance of the sustainable development goals, agenda 2063, and the importance of students leading the future generations in this work.  The students were able to dialogue about quality education with Novieku Babatunde Adeolu, one of our Matie Masie board  members.  The students were also able to engage with our guest speaker Emmanuel Osei-Humanitarian and Youth Advocate working with the UN in Ghana. Afterward, the students were able to reflect on their academics and leadership and set long term goals for themselves during the 2021 school year.

One of our JSS students, Sadik, noted at the end of the program, “Before I joined GEC I may say I was not receiving a good education, because my parents were not able to afford my fees and enrol me in other programs. But since I joined GEC, all my fees and stipends are being paid for. Apart from my class teachers, tutors have been employed to take me for further studies in areas that I don’t understand. Also, the monthly Changemaker programs and educational field trips have given me exposure and experience. I think it is now up to me to make sure that others are receiving quality education as well.”

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