Change-Maker Program – Sept 2019
Speaker Series: Nana Kwasi Ohene

Topic for the day: How to create  your own NGO and the impacts of NGOs in community

GEC Attendees: Derrick (Program Coordinator), Reinhold Mawudeku (Board Member), Frank (JSS 3), Bethel (JSS 3), Millicent (JSS 2), Prince (JSS 2), Linda (JSS 1), Shelia (JSS 1), Sadik (JSS 1) GEC Student Guests: Emmanuel, Edina, Matilda, Ebenezer, Raphael

Description: As a part of GEC’s 2019 Changemaker Program students learn about famous figures past and present, about historically significant events, as well as community events and movements throughout Ghana. This helps the students reflect on an ever changing society and their roles within it. Several students in GEC are interested in eventually starting their own NGOs. We were honored to have Nana Ohene come speak to the group on NGOs in the community. Mr. Ohene started his presentation by asking students to identify some problems in their communities. The students came up with several situations that they believe are a challenge to their various communities including: Sanitation Issues, Illiteracy, Social Vices, Child Labor, and Human Trafficking. Mr. Ohene told the students that to come up with an NGO one has to first identify the problem in his/her community and then research it. He named research as a key element in creating an NGO as it will lead to tangible solutions to the problem that you are naming. Next he informed the students of the importance of creating a business plan that includes the objectives, feasibility and strategies for solving the problem. Finally, he explained to students that the program must then be tested and evaluated and then continue to be evaluated on an ongoing basis.


He concluded with explaining to students four importance aspects of NGO creation in Accra:

  • You are helping make Global problem solvers.
  • You are helping to alleviate poverty.
  • You are creating avenues for self employment.
  • You are allowing people to be able to achieve their dreams.

After Mr. Ohene’s talk the GEC students were given their assignment for the month- to identity a problem in their communities, research it, develop tangible solutions and create a business plan.

Nane Ohene is the Executive Director of the Play and Learn Foundation. He is a graduate of the University of Legon. He has his MBA from the University of Ghana Business School. Mr. Ohene’s passion is serving the youth and the community. His foundation seeks to “Be one of the world’s leading Foundations that provides leadership and development through education and sports in a fun environment for kids that can’t afford a quality education and or enjoy playing sports”. Mr. Ohene believes in the power of leveraging teams. He has built a core team of 50 volunteers within the Greater Accra Area and has a rotation of 30 international volunteers each semester

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