Change-Maker Program – February 2019
Black History Month Launch: Black Migrations: Exploring Our Roots and Beyond

W.E.B Dubois Centre, Accra
Panel Discussion and Soul Food Lunch

Attendees: Derrick (Program Coordinator), Baafi (Alumni), Sadik (Class 6), Linda (Class 6), Shelia (Class 6)

Description: As a part of GEC’s 2019 Changemaker Program students learn about famous figures past and present, about historically significant events, as well as community events and movements throughout Ghana. This helps the students reflect on an ever changing society and their roles within it. In honor of Black History Month the students attended the launch of Black History Month in Accra with the African American Association. The program allowed the students to learn about the history of the hardships and challenge of the transatlantic slave trade and about the reasoning’s behind the 400 years of return celebration taking place in Ghana during 2019. The program spoke to the role of African Americans in developing the world through innovations in Science, Math, Technology and the Arts. The program also allowed the students to learn what is being done in Ghana to embraces those returning to the diaspora in love and harmony. The students are crafting their own reflection papers from the event.

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