Nikki Stoumen
Committee Member

Nikki Stoumen is in her fourth year serving as a board member for GEC, where she focuses on fundraising opportunities for the organization. An Atlanta native, she is currently pursuing her MSc in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Law and Human Rights at New York University. At NYU, she is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Peace Research and Education Program where she works with partners in Colombia and Libya and is a Peacebuilding Fellow with Search for Common Ground in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She has additional research interests in forced displacement and gender policy.

Before studying at NYU, she spent two years in Mexico City working as a refugee advocate at Asylum Access Mexico and volunteering with various migrant shelters, leading legal orientations, and organizing integration initiatives. Prior, she was a cultural orientation teacher, paralegal, court interpreter, and subsequent Department of Justice accredited legal representative for unaccompanied children migrants at Catholic Charities in New Orleans. Her work with migrant youth led her to push for educational equity and to get involved with organizations like GEC.

Nikki also holds a BA in Latin American Studies and Spanish & Portuguese from Tulane University, with minors in International Development and English. Her passion for linguistics and travel has led her to field experience in Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Mexico and allows her to freelance as a language tutor, translator, and interpreter.