Meet Priscilla!

Meet Priscilla Hanson! Priscilla was born in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana. She is the youngest of six siblings and comes from a family that truly understands the importance of education. Priscilla’s mother was forced to drop out of school when she was young because her family was unable to pay for it, and as a mother wants the opposite for her children. Priscilla’s mom sells biscuits and drinks on the side of the road to support her family and put food on the table, but unfortunately still struggles.
Priscilla is extremely hardworking, curious, and competitive. Her efforts in school do not go unnoticed, and teachers often name her as a student assistant or “cupboard girl.” She truly is a servant leader and is always looking to help others in whatever way she can, always being an example to those around her!
In the future, Priscilla wants to become a lawyer and serve as an advocate to ensure that Ghana is more just. We have no doubt she will accomplish her goals, and the GEC family is so proud of the young woman she is becoming

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