Sadik Anponsah

Sadik Amponsah is a JSS 2 (Grade 8) student of University Staff Village Basic School. Mathematics and Science are Prince’s favorite subjects. In the future, Prince hopes to become a medical doctor and serve in the army. He is curious about the world and people around him. He is often referred to as “the man with the questions” because he is always pursuing knowledge and asking questions, both in and out of the classroom. He loves playing volleyball. As a GEC scholar, he believes in helping others by putting a smile on their faces. This is what he hopes to be remembered for. He will always remember GEC for putting smiles on his face and his family

How you can help- For $1013/year or $85/month, you will support sending Sadik to school, paying for books, tuition, extra class fees, food, school supplies, housing essentials, family support, and mentoring. Your donation will change the course of Sadik’s life pushing her to one day reach her goal of becoming a doctor and leader in her own community

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