Sponsor a Student for a Year

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Sponsoring a student for a year is a great way to connect with one of our amazing students and help them throughout the entire school year! Here’s what your donation will cover:

  • School supplies
  • Food stipends
  • Transportation
  • Extra class fees
  • Exam Registration
  • Extra curricular activities

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Donate to support our work. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will have a huge impact.

Junior Secondary School

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What your donation will cover:

We have the responsibility to move forward and facilitate the spread of knowledge; and we need your help to do so.

Year of school supplies


BECE Exam Registration


Extra curricular activities for a year


Extra school class fees


Food stipends for a year


Year supply of school books


Room and board for a year


Stipend to go to college


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Please send all checks to:

Ghana Educational Collaborative c/o Lauren Fine

1690 Fillmore Street
Denver, Colorado 80206

Help line: +1 (303) 518 4013
Query Email: info@ghanaedcollaborative.org

Having trouble making a donation? Please get in touch: Call +1 (303) 518-4013 or email info@ghanaedcollaborative.org. You can sign up for a monthly donation, your first donation will be processed immediately, and all following donations will be processed on the same day, or nearest working day, each month.