Amatu Tahiru

Meet Amatu Tahiru! She was born in the Northern Region and lived there with her grandma. At age seven, her mother and father sent for her to live in Accra. Amatu’s parents were unable to be educated past primary school due to financial reasons. Currently, her mom is a cleaner and her dad is a taxi driver. It is a struggle for her parents to put food on the table, but want the best for their daughter and it is their dream to see her graduate from University.

Amatu is dedicated to her studies, and this dedication is shown by the story of how she became a part of the GEC family. Upon hearing that the founders of GEC were visiting her school for tutoring and mentoring, she made it her mission to be a part of the program. Daily, Amatu would find out where the GEC founders and students were meeting and attend their meetings to prove how smart and dedicated she was. The GEC founders were so impressed by her that they looked into her academic record and found that she was an excellent candidate for the program. The more we found out about Amatu, the more we were blown away by her ability to overcome obstacles while thriving in school. She traveled to school each day on an over-crowded bus for over an hour. If she was unable to catch the bus, Amatu would walk for two hours. Regardless, Amatu was first in her class in primary school.

Now, Amatu is still thriving as a secondary school student and maintains high marks. She hopes to become a lawyer in the future and we have no doubt that she will get there! We are so proud of Amatu and all she has achieved, as well as what she will achieve in the future.