About Us

Keeping children on track for better futures

Children receive the help they need to finish their education.

Our Vision & Mission

The Ghana Educational Collaborative (GEC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides support to exceptional students living in poverty in Ghana. We provide academic scholarships, mentorship opportunities and access to a strong peer community for students to achieve their highest aspirations.
The Ghana Educational Collaborative envisions a time when education is accessible to all Ghanaian students

Our Values

  • Community is a loving family.
  • Leaders make change happen.
  • Education is a gateway to opportunity.
  • Everyone has strengths and can contribute.
  • Love and joy is the foundation of everything we do.

Our Model

In our work we support students that are highly motivated and have proven track records of academic success, yet do not have the financial means to attend school. Our program financially sponsors students throughout their education, and partners with them to offer support, mentoring, and guidance throughout their school years. We have a Ghanaian Board that helps run the NGO, (called the Mate Masie Project), as well as a US board, (called the Ghana Educational Collaborative). Together they partner to offer the best opportunities to our enrolled students.