A Life of Purpose with GEC

I always recall my first day of meeting with the GEC board that came to Ghana in 2011, about eleven years ago. I had come from a different region of Ghana to the capital city (Accra) and then got into school barely a few months before meeting with GEC.
Coming into Accra not knowing what to expect, my mind was already being stirred as I looked at the many opportunities that come with education and people who had their lives transformed by it, this was not my experience before. I started having my own dreams and aspirations for life, what I could do to be a blessing to my world too. Then that day came when I had the most amazing privilege to join the GEC family. All thanks to my wonderful friend Derrick (GEC Coordinator) for recommending me to the board. I feel a lot emotional even now as I recall those days, the smiles of Miss London (who I think of as my mum), it was a whole new experience for me and yes, I was very shy at first though I had a great time. This was the beginning of my journey with GEC. I was in for something I had not even dreamt of before.
Now of course I can talk about all the help, (financial assistance), I received from GEC which took me throughout schooling from grade 7 in 2011 to finishing my university in 2020, our amazing visits to many historic places in Ghana like the Castles, Kakum National Park, Boti falls and not forgetting our GEC family parties we had whenever the GEC board were in Ghana. I know I was not alone in this sentiment and that all of the GEC students looked forward to our yearly visits, family time, celebration, and learnings when the board was in town.
However, my main focus in this post is my remarkable personal transformation as a result of my association with GEC. I remember Miss London teaching us in one of our meetings how GEC started when she was motivating us to look out for a need in our societies and meet it. She shared that Miss Lauren and herself started GEC to help children in Ghana have access to education when they came to Ghana and realized a lot of children were not in school and had barriers to accessing education. They saw the brilliance of children and how badly children wanted to access education, yet fiscal barriers prevented them from being able to go to school. I was so inspired in that meeting and that was when I began thinking about what it meant and how to live a purposeful life.
As I thought more about it, I discovered that though a lot of people want fulfillment in life, they want it the wrong way, and that is the reason they are never fulfilled. To many people, being happy in life is about making more money, having properties, and having a good life. As beautiful as all these are, they don’t bring true satisfaction and fulfillment. Then I discovered so many live without discovering their reason for being, what a sad life to live. Discovering one’s purpose for life and fulfilling it is the greatest quest and achievement in life. I believe Miss London, Miss Lauren, Miss Akilah, and all our wonderful GEC board members and our sponsors have great purpose to live for. The reason being that they have identified a human need and are meeting it in Africa, in my home country of Ghana. A life of purpose is seeing a human need and not just closing your eyes on it, but reaching out to meet that need no matter the setbacks. It is putting smiles on the faces of people, making other people’s hearts glad. This is where true fulfillment in life is. True fulfillment is not just thinking about yourself- but think of others. It is knowing that you truly made a positive impact on someone’s life. This is what GEC taught me and how I lead my life. I will always seek to not just fulfill my life but think of those around me in need. I will be the leader that GEC first saw in me at age 15. Now 11 years, I am a changemaker.
I have seen countless times how the parents of our GEC kids rejoiced, they were so proud and thankful to God for sending GEC their way; it always touched my heart.
Today as a result of the motivation I received from GEC, I have been able to transfer that same inspiration to some of my friends with the intention of replicating the same vision of GEC. Our goal is to help other people have access to education in Ghana. Though not officially registered yet as a Not for Profit Organisation, we already have one beneficiary in the senior high school being sponsored by us with some others waiting to be accepted into our program. This is as a result of the incredible impact GEC made in my life.
So to all our board members, donors, and all who have GEC at heart, thank you! We know that a million thanks will not be enough but thank you for putting smiles on our faces, giving us the most amazing gift in the world which is education. Indeed GEC is a great family and it’s an honor to be a part of it. To my mum Miss London and Miss Lauren, thank you for not giving up on your dream though it may have looked impossible. We remain eternally grateful.
As I round up, I want to encourage everyone to join in and support this great initiative, there are yet a lot of children to reach out to in Ghana. Let us give them the gift of education.
In Ghana we will say “Ayekoo” which is to say kudos, well done and “ye da moase” (we thank you). God bless GEC and make it more stronger and influential.

Sending love!
Godwin Kpodo
GEC Alumni

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