Leadership Development
and Social Impact
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Support and Mentoring

An important aspect of our program is the family-centered environment that we create in GEC. We embrace the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. For many of our students, they are and will be the first in their families to graduate from high school. As a part of their “village,” we hope to play a part by supporting and mentoring them through their educational journey. Our students are mentored by board members both in Ghana and in the US. Once we know the type of career students hope to pursue, we also match them with a community mentor who has that career background. Our older students & alumni in turn also serve as mentors for young students in the program, and to other people in the community.

Financial Scholarship

For the students in our program, being able to attend school regularly is not realistic, due to the fees associated with going to school. GEC plays a role in ensuring that continuous uninterrupted schooling is attainable for our students. To achieve this, we holistically pay for any fees associated with students being able to attend school, which includes but is not limited to any school fees , a food stipend, a transport stipend, school supplies, a uniform stipend, testing fees, extra class and book fees, etc.

Leadership Development and Social Impact

We believe in the power of our students. Our students are and will continue to be leaders who make a fundamental impact in their communities, throughout Ghana and across the world. To support this belief, our students engage in a leadership development program called the Changemaker Program. The Changemaker Program is a GEC-created project-based learning curriculum that works with students on leadership skills and social impact. The program takes students through monthly learning where they:

  • Engage with community members who are currently making an impact on the ground in Ghana.
  • Participate in community service projects to directly give back to their own communities.
  • Attend lecture series and experiential learning trips to broaden their own understanding of Pan-Africanism, advocacy, and impact development.

Our students graduate from the Changemaker Program with both knowledge and investment in their generation being the one who will make much needed change in our world.